I am a Southern Girl mixed with a touch of twang, old-school country values, fierce cultural pride, and the grace of God all wrapped into one.

My Story

I am the “Nurse Extraordinaire.”  What this means is that I love being involved in helping people grow and get the best out of life through education, empowerment, motivation and resources.  I believe that when a seed is planted, nourished and protected, it will grow and continue to give back.  This is my motto and my hope for the people that I touch and inspire.

Professionally, I have been a registered nurse since 2005.  I currenlty hold a Master’s Degree in Nursing Education.  I have worked in numerous areas of healthcare primarily focusing on cardiovascular disease, preventative medicine and health promotion.

Two distinct time periods in my career helped to change the trajectory.  The first was in 2012 when I had to dig myself out of the pits of emotional rock bottom.  The second time was in 2015 when I took a leap of faith to take the skills that I had learned as a nurse coupled with my desire to serve the African-American community.

All of my experiences have shaped who I am today.  More importantly, I have a strong desire and calling to share my experiences and knowledge to help others succeed.  Whether it is nursing, health/wellness, mentorship, business 101, book writing or you just want to connect with me, then I am here to serve.



To change mindsets that empower people to operate in their God-given purpose and improve their mind, body, and soul.  


To help the multitude through obedience to the calling of helping people transform their lives. 

My Why

Because my ancestors, my family and my community took the time to pour into me; therefore, my pure gratitude is shown through paying it forward.  Because I believe in the basic human right of equality.

Because everyone should have access to basic necessities such as: food, water, shelter, health, education, resources and freedom.

Because I beleive everyone has a purpose and should operate in it. Because I believe everyone has a special story that should be told. Because I believe in planting the seeds of life into people that can grow into something special.

The Extras

I have written and published two books.  I have, also, created a book writing/self-publishing course.

I am the founder of Black Nurse Entrepreneurs which is the best networking organization for black nurses interested in entrepreneurship.

I teach CPR courses to help professionals and lay people understand and demonstrate basic life-saving skills.

I love to teach and mentor both nursing students and seasoned nurses.

I love to speak about and teach health promotion and primary prevention techniques. And I love to be creative, so I make things.